Thursday, April 5, 2012

Andrew 15 Months Old

Hey Andrew is 16 Months Old but I didn't want to skip posting about this little guy. And I mean little, he eats all the time, maybe he will grow someday! LOL!! These were is stats at 15mo:

Height: 2ft 6.5in (32%)
Weight: 22 lbs 7 oz (21%)
Head Circumfrence: 46.5 cm (31%)

Dr.Wise is the Best!

After Shots EVERYONE needs 2 Suckers...Thanks "Auntie" Nurse Dora...I mean Liz :-)

When we were waiting for Dr.Wise Andrew was running back and forth between the painted bugs on the walls.

He sure has fun at Lone Peak Pediatrics!

"Auntie"Nurse Dora...I mean Liz, measuring him. He loves his "Auntie" Nurse Dora

Just chillin, I think he was still mad that I put a part in his hair. Ha Ha

He Loves Playing with "Aunt" Tina. Not to mention all the Sweets she gives him!

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