Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mommy WOW I'm a BIG Boy Now!!

Andrew has been so Independent lately.He loves to figure out how things work, and he copies EVERYTHING! It is so much fun, he is learning so much everyday! This week he has started randomly refusing to eat when I feed him, and he also will not feed himself from his tray. He wants me to put the food on the Fork then put the fork in his hand, so he can feed himself. Silly Boy.

He got this super cute airplane for his Birthday (because ever since he was a tiny baby, every time he hears an airplane over head he looks up and follows it across the sky) Turns out it is actually a remote control toy (we just never put batteries in it) It has a forward and backward arrow, and HE LOVES IT! He is so smart, he watch Brian play with it then took it from him, sat down, and started playing with it all by himself! (sorry the video is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to fix it)

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