Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barber Shop

I am unusual, I unlike most moms, have no attachment to Andrew's hair. He had 3 hair cuts before he was a year old. I hate shaggy hair, and I think when it gets long he looks like a little rag-a-muffin. My mom usually cuts Andrew's hair, but she is not willing to cut it as short as I want it. (she loves his hair, and it makes her sad to cut it) So I took matters into my own hands, not literally, I DO NOT Cut Hair! There is a reason people go to school to learn how. Ask Brian, he MADE me cut his ONCE, notice it was only ONE time. And for good reason, it looked TERRIBLE...Anyway, I took Andrew down to the Barber Shop (not the salon, that's where girls go) he sat in the chair like a big boy, and the lady that cut his hair said he was the best baby that she had ever seen. (I was so proud, this momma was glowing!) He was so good, never cried, and even sat kinda still (which if you know Andrew, that is a BIG DEAL).

Grandpa, if you are reading this, Andrew wants to go to the Barber Shop with you the next time we come to see you in Montana. It will be a fun Grandpa and Me Barber Shop Day!

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